Legal Notice

Legal Notice

1. Website owner identity and contact details (hereinafter the ‘Website’) is the property of ILUSION HOTELS & RESORTS

ILUSION HOTELS ILLES S.L. CIF (tax ID code): B57960163, address: Vía Asima 20, despacho 14, 07009 Palma de Mallorca, telephone: (+34) 871 704 306 email address: (hereinafter the ‘Owner’)

Other information about the owner:

Business Registry information: Business Registry of Palma de Mallorca, Volume 2653, Page 104, Sheet PM-78464

2. Scope of application

Anyone browsing the Owner’s website is understood to have agreed to the conditions of use and fully accepted the provisions contained in this Legal Notice.

3. Age

Our website does not process the data of those under 14 years of age. In any event, our products and services are intended for those over 18 years of age (in cases involving online sales).

4. Intellectual or industrial property

The Website content, for example text, images, graphics or source codes, are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights.

This content cannot be reproduced or transformed, for example, without express and prior consent from the Owner. Users may access the content and make private, authorised copies provided that the elements reproduced are not later transferred to third parties, installed on network servers and subject to exploitation of any kind.

5. Common rules of Website use

The user agrees to make use of the Website in accordance with the following rules:

  • Do not publish commercial communications through the Website.
  • Do not compile the content or information of other users.
  • Do not download viruses or malicious codes of any kind.
  • Do not request another user’s session information or access an account belonging to them.
  • Do not partake in illicit, deceitful, malicious or discriminatory actions through the website, in accordance with these conditions and the Spanish legal system.
  • In general, do not partake in any actions that involve harming or damaging the rights of third parties.

The Owner may delete any content or suspend the service if, based on their own criteria, any of the rules and obligations described in this Legal Notice are not followed.

For any questions or clarifications about these rules, please contact us via email.

6. Links and limitation of liability

In no event does the inclusion of a hyperlink imply the existence of a relationship between the Owner and the proprietor of the Website in which it is established, nor does it mean that the Owner has accepted and approved its contents or services. Any persons who wish to create a hyperlink must request prior, written authorisation from the Owner. In any event, the hyperlink will only permit access to the home page of our website. In addition, it must not make any false, inaccurate or incorrect claims or indications about the Owner, or include content that is illicit or that contravenes the rules of good conduct and public order.

The Owner is not liable for how each user makes use of the materials made available through this website nor for the actions that they may undertake based on these materials. The content of the Website is of a general and merely informative nature.

The Owner will not accept any liability for the content or functioning of third party websites which the Website user may access through a link of any kind.

The Owner refuses to accept any liability, to the extent permitted by the legal system, for any harm and damage caused by the presence of a virus, any third party actions that violate property rights, honour or privacy, or actions relating to illicit publication.

f any user or third party believes that illicit activity of any kind is being committed on the Website, they must contact the Owner at the email address described in the contact details section. The user must duly identify themselves and specify the events that they are reporting.

7. Privacy

The Owner shall be liable for any personal data that are collected through the Website and shall process these data in a fully confidential and secure manner. You can find more information about this in our privacy and cookies policy.

8. Amendments

The Owner reserves the right to make any amendments to the content of their Website that they may deem useful, with no prior notice. This applies to the Website’s content, the conditions of use and in contracting terms and conditions. These amendments may be made through the Website in any legally admissible manner and they must be complied with during the period in which they are published on the Website and until they are not validly amended by other later amendments.

9. Applicable legislation, resolving controversial issues and the appropriate forum

Use of the Website is regulated by Spanish law. Any issue that may arise or may be related to use of the Website will be submitted to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the town where the Owner’s registered address is located.